Monday, 5 July 2010

Tickets for the Holy Father's Visit

I was intrigued by the reported statement of Archbishop Vincent Nichols, regarding the visit of the Holy Father in September. The Daily Telegraph reports:

"...the Most Rev Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, insisted that these events are not just for Roman Catholics, even though parishes are organising tickets for the "pilgrim journey".
He said: "These are events to which any person is welcome. All they need to do is contact their local Catholic parish." 

As far as I know, the availability of tickets to the locations visited by the Pope  is  pretty limited. One or two tickets per parish seems to be how it's working out.
Will  non-Catholic pilgrims take up the Archbishop's kind invitation? If so, I'd quite like to know where the tickets are coming from....

Have I missed something?


  1. Perhaps. But then, so have I. It also appears that members of a Cardinal Newman group in the USA will be welcomed to the beatification mass at Birmingham. Is someone trying to tell us something?

  2. I wondered the same thing. I suppose he would say he only said they could approach their local Catholic parish, not that their request would necessarily be successful. This will prove hugely popular with his priests, I imagine.