Thursday, 12 January 2012

From the Holy Father's Wednesday audience

"The Eucharist sustains those who are tired, worn out or lost in the world and transforms human sin and weakness into new life.

Taking part in the Eucharist today is “indispensable for Christian life” and is still a source of strength so that “our life is not lost, despite our weakness and our infidelity, but is transformed”.

The Holy Father's words above, from his speech at this week's Wednesday audience, offer such comfort and encouragement to us all.How beautiful is that phrase "Our life is not lost, despite our weakness and infidelity, but is transformed".

Thank you, Holy Father.

Thanks to the Catholic Herald

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Forthcoming Marriage

Mr. E. Morton
Miss M.M. Wheelan

The engagement is announced between Edward, second son of Mr and Mrs Alan Morton of Lincolnshire, and Margaret Mary, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Neville Wheelan of Devon.

Congratulations to our daughter Margaret Mary and to Edward. May God bless them both as they prepare for the great Sacrament, vocation and adventure of married life!

No excuses!

You don't want to read a list of excuses for why I haven't been posting lately, just the truth: the time I would have spent commenting/composing/posting has been spent on other matters that had to take the priority. That's how life is, sometimes, isn't it? Sometimes, you just can't do the things you would like to, but the things you must do.
The builders have been in for the last three or so months, making an extension to the ground floor with full disabled access and equipment. They are now renovating the old rooms our sons used, making them ready for general use.
It has been noisy, dusty and exhilarating as the new build rose up and joined the old. Plasterers, (amazing how they get that glassy finish),carpenters, builders, electricians, plumbers, and the man from the hoist company have all combined to make a really lovely and much needed suite of rooms for our disabled sons.
Just days before Christmas, there was a flurry of painting,(thanks Ed and Bunty),the carpets were laid, and the boys were able to move into their new rooms.
Now that the work is so near to completion, I hope to be able to return to more frequent blogging, perhaps a new year resolution?