Monday, 25 April 2011

Christ is Risen

Christ is Risen Alleluia!

I hope all readers have had a very happy and Holy Easter and that God's blessings may continue throughout this joyful Eastertide.
I have been very busy-no time at all time to post anything over the last week or so, or catch up on other blogs. I'd love to add that the busyness was because we all attended every Holy Week Mass, liturgy or service available as special effort for the holiest week of the year, but it was not so.

It seems God had a different Holy Week in mind for us.
Our eldest had a respiratory crisis in the small hours of Tuesday morning: gasping for breath, a grey/blue pallor hovering over his face.
The ambulance staff arrived  very promptly with oxygen mask, suction kit, blood tests and heart monitor.They whisked us off to A+E where he and I spent the rest of the night: more blood tests, X-ray and various monitoring machines.
He was admitted to a ward and treated for a chest infection- antibiotics, paracetamol, physiotherapy and continued with the oxygen throughout the next few days.
And, thank God, the treatment worked!
So, we're home again taking special care of our eldest son who, we are advised, is at risk of further respiratory crises, owing to his complex disabilities and health needs.

Please remember him in your prayers, if possible, at Holy Mass.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What does the 'Youcat' really say?

I suppose I'm just too simple really....

Just about everybody who isn't a Catholic knows  the Catholic Church teaches that the use of contraception is considered sinful. They might not agree with the Church on this matter, but that isn't the point.

How is it that when the Church publishes a 'youth Catechism'  aimed at those who will attend World Youth Day in Madrid this year, different language translations  come up with such errors as this?

Who does the proof-reading?

Just asking..,,,

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

'Not responding'...'.waiting for'.....'cannot find the server'....

                                                   Picture from eHow

There are some very interesting developments in blogland at present, the Vatican blognic, an alternative (also Roman) blognic, and a proposed Guild of Catholic Bloggers.
My humble laptop chooses this moment, when I might prefer to post some updates about these things, to display disorderly symptoms, extreme sluggishness and a frequent sulky refusal to connect to the internet.

I'll have to take some action- show who's boss and all that.
Apologies meanwhile,  for scanty posting while I try to get things sorted out.

Something to do with de-fragging...? maybe..? 
Speak to the nice people in the computer shop.

Thanks to Fr Finigan, Orwell's Picnic and A Reluctant Sinner

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bishop Alan Hopes to lead pro-Life Vigil

This really good news comes from Maria Stops Abortion.

 Bishop Alan Hopes, an Auxiliary Bishop in the Diocese of  Westminster, is to lead a pro- life prayer witness outside a BPAS abortuary in Twickenham, this month.

I know of one other UK Bishop who has attended a pro-life vigil such as this, Bishop McMahon of Brentwood.
We all understand that Bishops have heavy schedules and responsibilities. The needs are very great in every diocese. Time is often short, therefore things have to be prioritised.
How great it is therefore, that Bishop Hopes has made time in his heavy workload to give this witness, he has prioritised the need to pray for the victims of abortion, and for the conversion of those who perpetrate this evil.

Thank you, Bishop Hopes, may your witness be emulated widely.