Tuesday, 12 April 2011

'Not responding'...'.waiting for'.....'cannot find the server'....

                                                   Picture from eHow

There are some very interesting developments in blogland at present, the Vatican blognic, an alternative (also Roman) blognic, and a proposed Guild of Catholic Bloggers.
My humble laptop chooses this moment, when I might prefer to post some updates about these things, to display disorderly symptoms, extreme sluggishness and a frequent sulky refusal to connect to the internet.

I'll have to take some action- show who's boss and all that.
Apologies meanwhile,  for scanty posting while I try to get things sorted out.

Something to do with de-fragging...? maybe..? 
Speak to the nice people in the computer shop.

Thanks to Fr Finigan, Orwell's Picnic and A Reluctant Sinner