Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bishop Alan Hopes to lead pro-Life Vigil

This really good news comes from Maria Stops Abortion.

 Bishop Alan Hopes, an Auxiliary Bishop in the Diocese of  Westminster, is to lead a pro- life prayer witness outside a BPAS abortuary in Twickenham, this month.

I know of one other UK Bishop who has attended a pro-life vigil such as this, Bishop McMahon of Brentwood.
We all understand that Bishops have heavy schedules and responsibilities. The needs are very great in every diocese. Time is often short, therefore things have to be prioritised.
How great it is therefore, that Bishop Hopes has made time in his heavy workload to give this witness, he has prioritised the need to pray for the victims of abortion, and for the conversion of those who perpetrate this evil.

Thank you, Bishop Hopes, may your witness be emulated widely.

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