Thursday, 22 July 2010

Does Austen really have an aversion to Miraculous Medals?

I draw your attention to an interesting post by Splintered Sunrise  which I think he has based upon a comment(scroll to no.22)  left in his combox.
 Here's the first part:

"Today I have a little morsel that some of you may find tasty. To begin with, let’s introduce our characters. X is a well-known Catholic intellectual with a track record of involvement in Hare Brained Schemes. Y is a participant in X’s latest Hare Brained Scheme. Z is a pillar of the community who heads a Prominent Organisation that’s sponsoring X’s latest Hare Brained Scheme.
Let’s say for talk’s sake that X has rather austere views on the wearing of miraculous medals. After all, they spoil the line of your open-necked shirt, and no fashionable man-about-town should be seen wearing one. In fact, X has an aversion to miraculous medals almost as strong as his aversion to hormonal women.
Let’s say that a training event is being held for the Hare Brained Scheme. At this event X notices that one of his protégés, Y, is wearing a miraculous medal. Being an important man and under a lot of pressure, X barks out “Take that miraculous medal off, it makes you look like a saddo” or words to that effect. But the trouble is that Y is a deeply religious person with a fierce attachment to this miraculous medal, and finds X’s behaviour very distressing. Moreover, some of the other people present are upset by X’s outburst."

You can read the rest here... and of course, it may all be speculative nonsense.... I hope so.
But what if it isn't?

I'll be attending a family wedding shortly, which I'm really looking forward to.It'll be lovely to see everyone again and catch up on family news. Did I mention that one of my nieces is a 'Catholic Voice'?


  1. Great post Kate - it opens up the discussion.
    On the subject of Splintered Sunrise, while I find the blogger has a very entertaining writing style and is brave, I have to take issue with his links to such porno stars as Dita Von Tees, located under the section 'sauce'. Yeah, sher it's grand for Splintered Sunshine to infer that someone like Austen has an aversion to the Miraculous Medal, but it's ok for SS to have links to sites that don't exactly uphold Catholic teachings on human sexuality. To be sure to be sure.

  2. Thanks Mary, I hadn't spotted the 'sauce' section. Don't know if SS is a Catholic, but I share your disgust at the promotion of porn with or without links, by bloggers of any sort.

  3. Hope you don't read the Telegraph then, Kate.

  4. Red Maria, you wouldn't recommend it, then?