Friday, 9 July 2010

Liturgy- for your entertainment and enjoyment

Fr. Ray Blake draws our attention to the prospect of some Liturgical Entertainment due to take place at the  Hyde Park venue during the Holy Father's visit. Fr. quotes from information received from his diocesan visit co-ordinator:

"The Park [Hyde Park] will open from 2pm and liturgical entertainment will be running through the afternoon - dance acts, videos etc (it promises to be an enjoyable event). The Pope will arrive to conclude the prayer vigil and benediction and the whole event will be finished by 9.00pm. I am told that the Pope will be there for the latter half of the event."

Maybe the Holy Father will be presented with this kind of enjoyable  'liturgical'  entertainment :

Or maybe not..
We sincerely hope not.
That is, not as if it were liturgical.


  1. "Entertainment" can cover a wide spectrum. I note that the "entertainment" under discussion is to take place in Hyde Park- interestingly not far from an earlier but longstanding site of "entertainment": Tyburn Tree.

  2. A wide spectrum indeed; and isn't it so that throwing the early Christians to the lions was also regarded as a form of entertainment?

    -I just hope Hyde Park doesn't descend into a kind of 'Britain's got Talent' show.