Friday, 30 July 2010

Gone to France.....

 Sorry I haven't been posting for a while, we were very busy preparing for a camping trip -to France.
We arrived on Monday, and though the first campsite had wifi, I was just too tired to update. Since then it's been a question of hoping that the next campsite would have internet access and today we were in good luck!

A week without the internet/TV/radio/newspapers-(in English) is an interesting experience- being 'shut off' from news of what's going on in the world creates something of a calm silence in which recollection and reflection is possible.

And, of course, lots of fun with the children!


  1. Just a little thought.

    We set up blogger so that we could email our blog posts from our mobile phone without hunting for WiFi.

    We are on Orange (Dolphin package which includes email) so we post to with a picture attachment (take picture at a low resolution i.e. 640x480) and blogger does the rest.

  2. Paul, thanks for the tip: I really must get up to speed with emailing via a mobile phone.