Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Fr. John Boyle has tagged me for Mulier Fortis's meme (have I got that right?), at any rate I've to say what are my three favourite prayers, and why.
These are Mulier's rules which also have to be shown:

"Name your three most favorite prayers, and explain why they're your favorites. Then tag five bloggers - give them a link, and then go and tell them they have been tagged. Finally, tell the person who tagged you that you've completed the meme... The Liturgy and the Sacraments are off limits here. I'm more interested in people's favorite devotional prayers."

My favourite prayers are;

The Rosary- we usually say five decades at a time. I love this prayer, it's the one Our Lady asked for
(at Fatima and elsewhere), so I have great confidence in it.

A  'one line'  prayer-  'O Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in Thee.' When the going is very busy or demanding, this simple act of trust in the Lord is both all I can manage and all that I need to do.

Prayer for the Holy Souls-  'Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon  them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace, Amen'.
Since my parents deaths, five, and nearly sixteen years ago, I have appreciated more deeply the importance of praying for the souls of the dead, those of my parents, others known to me, and those who have no-one to pray for them.

Now, I tag  Fr. John Abberton
                   Laurence England
                  Mary O'Regan
                  Ella Preece
            and Jeffrey Steele

There, done!



    I completed the meme. Thanks for tagging me, and may God bless you for all the great blogging.

  2. This has taken me some time, but I have done it

  3. Mary: thank you for your kind words and God bless you too!
    Fr. John: Thank you, I read your post: what you have said about the Divine Mercy Chaplet brought a message of hope to my husband and me. The Divine Mercy is one of our frequent prayers and my husband prayed it many times at the sickbed of his recently deceased brother.
    God bless you.

  4. Just in case you're interested in following what happened to that meme, and how it mutated, come on over and check it out!