Sunday, 11 July 2010

Ofsted on teaching children to play authority

"Every  Ofsted Inspection  school should have a useless Ofsted Inspector "useless teacher" so children can learn to deal with incompetent people in authority, the outgoing chairman of the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) has claimed.

 Ms Atkins argued that poor Inspectors teachers should not be sacked, as Ofsted Inspections schools "need to reflect society".
She told The Sunday Times: "It's about learning how to identify good role models. One really good thing about primary school is that every teacher kid learns how to deal with a really ---- inspector teacher."
She continued: "I would not remove every single useless Ofsted Inspector teacher because every grown-up in a workplace needs to learn to deal with the moron who sits four desks down without lamping them and to deal with authority that's useless.

"I'd like to keep the number low, but if every Inspection Team primary school has one pretty naff Inspector teacher, this helps kids realise that even if you know the quality of authority is not good, you have to learn how to play it." 

Thanks to the Telegraph

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