Friday, 26 February 2010

Tribute to a Cardinal: "you are truly Jesus' heart, His will and His hands and feet on this earth."

 During a week in which the Catholic Education Service has shown us what it's made of, I was heartened to read the tributes paid to a real stalwart in the battle for pro-life and the family. This comes from Zenit:

"Cardinal Renato Martino spent 16 years as the Holy See's permanent observer to the United Nations in New York. During that time, the Vatican diplomat led numerous campaigns in which the Holy See successfully lobbied against, among other things, global advocacy of abortion and a redefinition of the family. It was for these enormous achievements that he was honored at a Rome dinner on Feb. 12., hosted by the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute whose president is Austin Ruse."

 Below is part of Ruse's tribute to the Cardinal:

"It is a hard and nearly impossible thing to stand up to what sometimes seems like the whole world, but you never did cave in," Ruse explained. "It is a testament to your steadfastness that over the years our opponents did not get what they wanted. They wanted an international right to abortion and they lost because you stopped them. They wanted a redefinition of the family and they lost because you stopped them. They wanted to say that gender was a social construction and not based in nature and they lost because you stopped them. It would have been easy and even plausible to give in and to go along, but you never did that, and for this we stand up for you tonight."

"Ruse, who couldn't make the event because of bad weather, said in his message that his organization had received over 2,000 tributes to the cardinal from all over the world. "Thank you Cardinal Martino on behalf of all the babies that you have saved by opposing abortion and the universal right to abortion at the United Nations," read one tribute. "God will reward you richly for the crosses you had to carry." Another read: "You are an inspiration to us all, you are a hero, you are truly Jesus' heart, his will and his hands and feet on this earth."

The second part of this article outlines the current situation, regarding our Government's Sex Education Bill .
As it observes:

"Catholics in England might like someone of Cardinal Martino's calibre at the moment."

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