Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Compulsory sex education in the name of Archbishop Nicholls?

The name of Archbishop Vincent Nichols has now been dragged into the ongoing debate, about the Government's sex education bill, by Ed Balls, Education Secretary.
Here's the interview on the Today programme, where Balls suggests that the Archbishop is in favour of what this Bill proposes, including for instance, that Catholic schools would have to teach children where and how to access an abortion.

We have arrived at a make-or-break moment, I fear that if the Catholic church in this country does not win this battle for the hearts and minds of our children, it will not only be their education that suffers, and it would difficult to see how the Church would be able to have a future  voice in the public square, if the Church permits itself to be subjugated in this way.
Lots of prayer is needed. Now is the time.


  1. CHRISTIAN INSTITUTE STATEMENT -Choice threatened by
    Whitehall sex ed grab

    I have just come across the above. I have not read all the materials but at a quick glance it strikes me that this non-Catholic Christian group may have given greater clarity and Christian witness on these matters than the Catholic Hierarchy and CES. I think they may have also shown a greater political astuteness...as suggested by the headline they give to their article.

  2. Many thanks, Hippolytus, for your comment and the link wcich I have put up on the blog.