Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Christian Institute Statement: Choice threatened byWhitehall sex-ed. grab

Many thanks to Hippolytus for this comment :

CHRISTIAN INSTITUTE STATEMENT -Choice threatened by Whitehall sex ed grab "I have just come across the above. I have not read all the materials but at a quick glance it strikes me that this non-Catholic Christian group may have given greater clarity and Christian witness on these matters than the Catholic Hierarchy and CES. I think they may have also shown a greater political astuteness...as suggested by the headline they give to their article."       -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the link above shows, the Christian Institute  commissioned legal opinion on the provisions of the Sex Education Bill. Here's some of what that opinion has to say:    
  • "A Government plan to centralise control of sex education in Whitehall will threaten parental choice and may squeeze Christian teachers out of their jobs,"   
  • "the Bill “represents a radical appropriation of power by central government, enabling them to dictate teaching on a matter over which many parents have strongly held moral or religious convictions.”  
  •   “It seems that the Government intends that the Bill would not require that parents be consulted about the content of SRE.”  
  •   " the effect of the changes “would therefore be to limit parental freedom of choice in the area of their children’s education.”   
  • " Christian teachers could face dismissal if they refuse to teach children that unmarried sexual unions should be valued on a par with marriage."

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