Sunday, 14 February 2010

Quo Vadis: New website, also prayer request

I read in the 'Pastor Iuventus' column of this week's Catholic Herald that Fr. Dominic Allain has set up a new website for Quo Vadis, which is a group for young people 15+ still in full-time education who are seeking to find their vocation, their place in the Church and the World.
 One of our sons has been part of Quo Vadis for some time,  benefitting from the excellent catechesis offered and discerning a possible vocation to the priesthood.

Our son has now been told that he may make the formal application to the Diocese for priestly formation. God willing, our son hopes for a seminary placement for September this year.

A priest friend said to us that it takes a great deal of prayer to form a priest, so, please feel free to help us with this!  Prayers for our son, Phil, and for all young men who are discerning or in formation, would be a great way to support them in their vocations.
And while you are there, you might add a prayer that Quo Vadis will continue to bear fruit, and that the Lord will continue to send labourers to the harvest.

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