Monday, 22 February 2010

Sex Education Bill: Urgent...

The Conservatives have tabled an amendment to the Govt.'s sex education bill which would exclude primary schools from having to teach sex and relationships education.

John Smeaton has the details, including this request:

"Please email or telephone your MP immmediately to urge him/her to:

  • sign and support amendments 2 and 60, tabled by the Conservative opposition for report-stage, and
  • vote against the bill as a whole at third reading. Please read SPUC's latest campaign alert for more information and please act straight away."

It's good  that Her Majesty's Opposition is recognising and speaking out  against (at least some of) the worst excesses of the Government's agenda of secular relativism.  Unless, of course the Catholic Education Service(CES) is going to claim this proposed amendment to be the result of its "extensive lobbying" too!

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