Saturday, 6 February 2010

Canadian TV station refuses to run Pro-life Ad.

 “Executives at CHBC and Global TV are claiming that they’re pulling the ad because it’s too ‘graphic,’” said CLC President Jim Hughes. “However, not only was the ad approved by the Television Bureau, but what it depicts is no more graphic than what is shown nightly on the six o’clock news"

“Global should be honest and admit that they’re pulling the ad either because they’re afraid of controversy, or because they don’t believe that the viewpoint expressed in the ad should be allowed to be presented to the public, which amounts to censorship. Either way, we find their actions to be unacceptable, and we urge all pro-life Canadians to express their outrage to Global and CHBC."

 Images which demonstrate the humanity of the unborn child can have the power to change hearts. Maybe that's why such pressure is applied to suppress them.

 There is a petition in support of the Right to Life ad which can be found here.  The Facebook group in support of the ad can be found here.

Full story at lifesite news

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