Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Shepherds watching their flocks..

Pope Benedict, the Chief Shepherd, in his Angelus address on the feast of the Holy Family:
"God, by having come into the world in the bosom of a family, shows that this institution is a sure way to meet and know Him, and a permanent call to work for the loving unity of all people,” he continued. “Thus, one of the greatest services which we as Christians can offer our fellow men and women is to show them the serene and solid witness of a family founded upon marriage between a man and a woman, defending it and protecting it, because it is of supreme importance for the present and future of humankind.”

 Archbishop Jerome Listecki of Milwauki U.S., in his homily given at his Installation Mass:
"The direction to Peter is to demonstrate His love for Jesus by feeding his lambs, tending his sheep, feeding his sheep. Jesus is asking Peter to care for His Church. The love for Jesus will be in the very sacrificial acts offered in service for the faithful.The truth is at times difficult but the Church does not follow the Lord’s request to tend his sheep if it fails to teach the truth with love."

 Archbishop Carlos Osoro of Valencia, Spain, speaking about abortion, in a sermon given on the Feast of the Holy Innocents:
 "the worst dictatorship that can exist" and "the greatest injustice in history because it ends the lives of the weakest.
In questioning life, liberty in itself is brought into question, and the most profound injustice that can exist is established, which is to take away the life of the most defenseless."

Sometimes the cost of telling the truth with love, in season and out, can seem heavy, but the price of hiding, subverting, or lying about the truth which is handed down to us from the Apostles, is surely a dead weight.

Thank God for our Holy Father, and for all those men called to be our  Shepherds. Thank God especially
for their courage in faithfully fulfilling the duties God has laid upon them, for standing fast when the wolves appear.

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