Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mgr. Marini's Address: 'The Spirit of the Liturgy'

What a wonderful read this is!
I found the text of the address given by Mgr.Guido Marini, Pontifical Master of Liturgical ceremonies, to the Year for Priests Clergy Conference in Rome.

Here's little from his opening remarks ( the emphasis is that of the New Liturgical Movement who have posted the full text of Mgr Marini's Address):

"it is now all the more necessary to speak about the spirit of the liturgy, especially for us members of the sacred priesthood. Moreover, there is an urgent need to reaffirm the “authentic” spirit of the liturgy, such as it is present in the uninterrupted tradition of the Church, and attested, in continuity with the past, in the most recent Magisterial teachings: starting from the second Vatican council up to the present pontificate. I purposefully used the word continuity, a word very dear to our present Holy Father. He has made it the only authoritative criterion whereby one can correctly interpret the life of the Church, and more specifically, the conciliar documents, including all the proposed reforms contained in them. How could it be any different? Can one truly speak of a Church of the past and a Church of the future as if some historical break in the body of the Church had occurred?"

Certainly the 'Reform of the reform' will need the faithful and obedient co-operation of our good priests indeed it may well start with them, but the laity would benefit hugely by supporting and co-operating too, especially with their priests.

Which brings me to this !!
Here's an idea of what 'Stand up 4 Vatican 2' is about, copied from its website, linked above:

"The changes in our Sunday worship were only part of the sense of renewal that was sweeping through our church. Pope John XXIII had asked for 'aggiornamento' the bringing up to date of our church and we felt that this was really beginning to happen. As the windows of the Church gradually opened the Spirit blew in, giving the People of God worship in the vernacular, breaking down post Reformation sectarianism, endorsing the work of biblical scholars, affirming the primacy of conscience, acknowledging the need to learn from the secular sciences.." 

These are some of it's concerns:

"Encouraged by the Vatican, and increasingly evident in many parishes in the UK the celebration of Mass in Latin under the old Tridentine Rite, in some cases this happens not as an occasional event catering for a select group of people but as the main Sunday Mass in a parish."

"It is not unreasonable to assert that many of the decrees emanating from the Vatican in recent times have sought to put a brake on the developments that grew out of the discussions at the Council."

A number of priests some anonymously, are supporting this campaign which appears to be highly critical of 'The Vatican' and of the Holy Father.
 Cafod has an advert on the campaign's website. Does that imply Cafod's support for this organisation? Cafod is an agency of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales- are our Bishops supporting it, too?
Thanks to Fr. Mildew and NLM


  1. The chap who is fronting the website / campaign is the same one who spoke to The Suppository (aka The Bitter Pill) about the EF Mass being "divisive" at Blackfen...

    Interesting, no?

  2. Would that be Bernard Wynne?
    I thought there might be a connection when I saw this comment on the petition:

    "Please take action to avoid the situation we now have at Our Lady of the Rosary Blackfen"

  3. If they got what they claim to be asking for - REAL adherence to Vatican II as expressed in its documents - then they'd be back to Latin as the principal language of the liturgy, and Chant as the principal music.

    I think one has to assume that they don't really know much about Vatican II, and merely assume that it endorsed all the things they like. They do say that 'ignorance is bliss' !