Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Fr. Benedict Groeshel: the corrupting influence of hedonism

In an excerpt from a series of talks entitled 'Road to Cana', Fr Benedict Groeshel looks at the state of marriage within the Western culture, identifying hedonism as a principal threat to marriage.
Although this series of talks is aimed at single Catholics, many in other states of life, particularly those in marriage preparation, would have much to gain from the wisdom of this great priest.

The talks are available on DVD and  can be obtained from the 'Road to Cana' website. 


  1. Hey Kate! This is Katie from the USA! I just wanted to thank you for posting that video. I am a fan of Father Groeschel. I am glad he is teaching the history side of hedonism. It's important to know that about Hitler (how he had women bred to produce to the master race, divorced from marriage).

    This whole idea of pleasure as the end all be all of happiness goes waayy back to the time of Socrates. In Plato's "Gorigas" this topic is played out grandly. I reccomend "Gorgias" to everyone who wants to know more about how to educate people as to why hedonism is harmful.

  2. Hi Katie, Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.
    I agree with you about the history of hedonism; as with most, if not all harmful ideas, it probably has its origins somewhere in the fall of our first parents.