Monday, 4 January 2010

Dr. Gerard Nadal's new pro-life blog

I have just come across the great blog of Dr. Gerard Nadal, an 'unapologetic Roman Catholic, loyal to the Magisterium', who is a scientist , Molecular Biologist and Micro Biologist, and who hails from across the pond.

Dr Nadal with his family, courtesy of 'Coming Home'blog
Here's a little from his first post:

"The purpose of this blog is to explore the lost human essence in the headlong embrace of reductionism, to promote the dialogue between Christian Anthropology and the sciences, primarily the Biological Sciences. Abortion, Euthanasia, Eugenics, Physician Assisted Suicide, all threaten human life on a scale never before imagined. There have been 1.8 BILLION abortions worldwide since the year of my birth, 1960. That’s one abortion for every 3.7 people walking the planet today. Where did we go so terribly wrong?
This blog will pursue the truth, wherever the truth leads. I invite the gentle reader to walk with me on the road of exploration. I am Roman Catholic, unapologetically so. I believe that much of what has been lost in human anthropology can be found in my Church’s documents, and in the scholarship of her sons and daughters. So too do I believe that my Protestant and Orthodox brothers and sisters, enlightened by the leading of the Holy Spirit, bring their very powerful witness to the truth, as do our elder brothers in faith, the Jews.
Indeed, pro-life is not the sole province of any one church or religion. We are all children of God, sharing the same dignity as such. Restoring that lost dignity is what this blog, and my life’s work is all about."
Here is the link to Dr. Nadal's blog, Coming Home.

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  1. Dr. Nadal believes that life begins at conception. It is simple and straight foward as that. However there are many scientists that do not hold his view; they believe that as long as a developing embryo and even fetus is connected to the mother it is still a part of the mother. Many animals in nature have various reproductive capacities to auto-abort, delay conception and so forth. Dr. Nadal's view is base solely on his faith rather than science since the biology of abortion and contraception plays to both sides.