Monday, 28 September 2009

Receiving Holy Communion on the tongue

Our diocese was among the first to adopt the swine flu regs., which require communicants to receive Holy Communion under one kind (the Sacred Host), and on the hand.
Up till then, I hadn't received Holy Communion in the hand for some years, preferring to receive directly on the tongue, and kneeling, if possible. We didn't complain or ask for special consideration, we just did what was asked.
So I was delighted to read in this week's parish newsletter that from next week, special arrangements can be made for anyone wishing to receive on the tongue, provided that the parish priest has had prior notice.

Now, I've just got to remember to contact our P.P. before the next Mass....

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  1. I live in St. John's, NL Canada. I wish it would be passed here that we could receive on the tongue again. I live in a Personal Care Home, a Euchraistic Minister comes every Sunday and 1st Fridays. Some will allow us to receive on the tongue but before giving us the Holy Eucharist they wash there hands. Why can't Priest's and Eucharistic Ministers do this. Mary King