Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Following the Relics of St. Therese...

As Catholics in the UK know, the Relics of St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, are currently visiting our country. Last Friday, the Relics were at St Teresa's Church in Taunton, Somerset, which was for us, the nearest visiting point.
So, my husband and some of our children made the journey to St Teresa's Church in time for Mass and a service of Healing.
In the photo above, courtesy of St Therese's Relics blog, my husband and one of our sons are pictured near to the Relics.
After Taunton, the Relics proceeded to the Diocese of Birmingham; and shortly after, I found myself hurrying up the M5 to take one of our daughters to the university of...Birmingham, for the start of the academic year.

I believe the final opportunity to visit the Relics will be next month, at Westminster Cathedral. Two of our youngsters will be involved in playing the music for that occasion. After that, the Relics return to Lisieux, and one of our sons will have the privilege of assisting in escorting the Relics home.
God is good.

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