Friday, 11 September 2009

The Martins: A dysfunctional Family?

The devout (in the proper sense of the word) Martin family, into which Therese, Saint and Doctor of the Church was born in 1873, and of which, there were five vocations to the Religious Life, the parents of whom were beatified just a year ago, has been described as dysfunctional in an article in this week's Tablet.

At least, I suppose, the writer, Joanna Moorhead, didn't label the Martin Family as 'fundamentalist'.

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  1. Weird, even for the Pill. There is no explanation about how her family was dyfunctional.
    Also, I am unconvinced by the view that the Church taught God the Father in the way they sugggest. Certainly I was brought up with the 'God can't wait to send you to hell' model-but my reading of saints and Church docs does not show the Church teaching this at all.