Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Holy Father to visit the UK next year!

                                                                                                                                                                          It is being reported in various places that the Holy Father is to visit the UK in 2010. This is wonderful news for British Catholics and for all people of goodwill in the UK, a real boost to the sometimes flagging morale of the faithful who are living through the atheist, materialist secularization of our times.
Laurence England, over at the Bones, has  suggested an interesting schedule for the Holy Father's visit! Do go and see for yourself....


  1. Hello Kate

    I read on another blog that it is likely that the Bishops' Conference is still paying off the debt from John Paul's visit in 1982! If so, then it would be better for His Holiness to stay in Rome and we go visit him rather than lay up the good laity of this country with more debt! Anyway, if he does come, it'll probably be a State Visit and the cost burden met by general taxation. Anyway, I'm always dubious about these large scale papal events abroad. They are usually a crash-bang-wallop affair for a few days with a dubious legacy. I participated in a couple of events in 1982 (on the pitch at Wembley and strumming my guitar at Southwark), all very nice, but, what is the tangible benefit from the 1982 visit that is lasting and part of our Catholic identity in these isles?


  2. Hi Brian
    I think we are seeing some of the 'tangible benefits' in the growth of Catholic initiatives such as Youth2000, which helps introduce, or bring back, young people to the Church.
    In a generation of young people in seminary formation or joining religious orders, who are orthdox, faithful to the teaching of the Church and the Magisterium; people who willingly self-sacrifice that the Gospel may be preached everywhere, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass may be offered everywhere, and souls may be saved.
    The renewal of Catholic family life (yes, it is happening!), to live your Catholic life and identity is to live that 'sign of contradiction' about which the late JPII spoke.
    But I agree, we cannot expect a visit from the Holy Father to work an instant miracle- time is required for the seed to germinate, grow and eventually produce fruit...
    One further thought- the Church is there to save souls- to that end, no expense is too great.