Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Silence of the Shepherds

Three cheers to Fr.Ray for giving voice to what many must be feeling at the apparent silence of the Bishops' Media office regarding the lifting of the excommunication of the SSPX four. As Fr. Ray says, much of the negative (at times misinformed) reporting seems to originate in the English media.

They can't all be on annual leave, surely?


The Bishops' Conference of England and Wales has issued the following press release:


Press release

Issued by the Catholic Communications Network

Catholic Bishops’ Conference statement on lifting of excommunications of SSPX Bishops

A spokesperson for the Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales said:

“The Bishops of England & Wales acknowledge the lifting of the excommunication of four SSPX bishops.

“The Bishops draw attention to the fact that this is the first step in enabling the fraternity of SSPX to move towards full communion and doctrinal unity within the Catholic Church.

“In harmony with Pope Benedict XVI, the Bishops of England & Wales hope that this act will consolidate reciprocal relations of trust and to intensify and stabilise the relations of the Fraternity of SSPX and the Holy See.”


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  1. The desire of SSPX to uphold the traditions and orthodoxy of the Church is the stuff of nightmares for most of the bishops of E & W, who have spent the past forty years cutting off as many connections with Rome as possible ! Our bishops do not want to be accountable to Rome, for they give the impression they are autonomous and act accordingly. It is to be hoped that the SSPX, under the leadersship of Bishop Fellay, co-operate fully with Pope Benedict and work zealously to restore 'Roman' Catholicism in all its richness, beauty and magnificence to the spiritual wasteland of England, the responsibility for much of whose poverty and atheism at present can be laid at the doors of the many liberal bishops. I notice that the bishops of E & w have at last put out a communication on the lifting of the Excommunication ! As expected, not a very warm welcome here !