Saturday, 17 January 2009

Living Humanae Vitae

The joy and consolation of living Humanae Vitae is expressed by trusting in God's wonderfully creative design for familes. It is He who bestows the gift of new life. Married couples are called to co-operate in that Divine design. It helps when we put our trust in God, accepting that He knows the plan and purpose for our lives.
People outside the church (and sometimes those within) often have difficulty with the 'trust in God' bit. I don't think this was always the case, but the march of secularist materialism and the primacy of 'my body, my choice' has caused much disorientation, as I think a recent conversation demonstrates. This isn't verbatim, but here is the gist:

" So you've got eight kids ?"

" Yes, that's right, eight lovely children, they're..."

"so was that deliberate, did you plan it?"

"well, we believe children are a gift from God, so.."

"are they all yours, then?"

" Oh yes, all our own natural children"

" Well I never heard of anyone with eight kids before, with all that cooking and washing, you must be a glutton for punishment!"

" taking care of our children certainly involves lots of work, but I don't consider it to be a punishment, you see..."

" Oh well, whatever floats your boat.."


  1. As an eighth child myself, I can vouch for the value of large families: had my parents stopped at seven, the world would be a much poorer place!

  2. Hello Ben, You're welcome, and you're right about families!I like the phrase'God sized' families because it seems to acknowledge that our Creator and Lord is in His rightful place- the driving seat!.

  3. With six children of my own, and yes all with one wonderful wife, I can buy into the 'recent conversation' bit that you put up on your post. The secular world is just so 'brain washed' to wheel out the same old unfunny 'one liners' when confronted with a situation such as a healthy, happy family consisting of more than two partners, one child and a dog!

    With God in the driving seat you are definitely going in the right direction, but you will find life somewhat of a 'white knuckle ride', wildly exciting and full of surprises so buckle up tight - the Holy Rosary is best!