Thursday, 15 January 2009

Name of a blog

I have been impressed by the quality of so many of the Catholic blogs out there, in different ways they all seem to' spread the word'. I think it's called evangelising. And all have interesting and original titles which often give a clue to the intentions of the author in writing the blog, or his/her background. Not being blessed with a strong literary streak, I struggled a bit with the naming of this blog.I tried to think about where I wanted to go.....ultimately of course, where God is.
Then our youngest daughter came back from school, "Home " she said, and in that single word took me back a couple of years to a convent chapel in Wales.
We had been on a weekend retreat, hosted by the good sisters at their convent.It was the last Mass on the last day, we were all tired, but particularly the youngest daughter. She wanted to move around more freely than is appropriate at Mass and I was concerned that she would distract the priest, or the sisters, some of whom were quite elderly.It was one of those moments when I was on the point of taking my daughter outside when an angel, in the form of a sister, whispered " Don't worry, she is at home in her Father's House."


  1. I love the name of your blog!


  2. Welcome Julia, thanks for visiting, I hope you will enjoy my blog

  3. Great blog thanks for dropping by mine!