Thursday, 22 January 2009

Just popping into church for a fishing licence...

Some of the first apostles were fishermen by trade,eking out a no doubt precarious existence on the seas, lakes and shores in the Holy Land.When Jesus called them, He said that He would make them fishers of men.
I don't know if in A.D. 33, it was necessary for fishermen to be in possession of a licence, but fishing today is a fairly heavily regulated business. And a licence is a must-have, just as a driving licence or road tax disc.
So, hard-pressed fishers/drivers/senders of mail/pensioners, and other residents of a Devon village have welcomed the decision to turn their church into a part-time Post Office.



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  2. Devout prayer, coupled with devotion to the Catholic sacraments and the ensuing loving relationship with God, nurtures inside us all a *practical* Christian longing to exercise our belief - to reach out to people, to imitate the example of Christ. Especially towards our misguided 'cousins'...(John 2:15 - grab your torches and pitchforks...)I'm kidding on that last bit, of course..

    ..but, seriously:

    'Mr Bowers said: "People can come in and sit in the pews, drink a coffee or tea, chat with neighbours and read the newspaper. We are striving to keep the heart of the community together."
    He said: "I am all in favour of the church being used in this practical way during the week..."'

    ' the newspaper'? If Jesus is not at the centre of your faith I guess reading the Daily Mail inside a church must be the next logical step.
    This is why people were given the most Holy Sacrament..the Eucharist isn't a mere focus point, it is the Heart of the community. Without that Living Heart we are, logically, dead. This decision is just a manifestation of doubt and a cry for help. Im not a Catholic Jingoist - this is just common sense. So lets pray for them and for their conversion.
    Perhaps on a brigher note however and despite this unfortunate civil partnership, this would be an ideal opportunity to address that lamentable lack of stamps bearing the Madonna and Child over last Christmas..

  3. Dear Phil, welcome to my blog! And thanks for your comment. I agree with you-lots of prayer for conversion is needed, and no pitchforks!