Friday, 30 January 2009

Pro-life homily

A beautiful, heartfelt and moving homily for the Annual White Flower Appeal, from Plymouth priest, Fr. Guy de Gaynesford.

I have heard it said that priests are sometimes reluctant to give a homily that focusses on abortion because, they are concerned about the possible presence in the congregation of abortion-affected women. I pray that such priests will be courageous in preaching the truth, remembering that such women are often in great need of the healing that only Christ can bring. Sometimes, the priest's carefully worded homily can be the place where a recognition of that need for healing may begin.

Thanks Fr. de Gaynesford, and thanks John Smeaton

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  1. This homily has been moved to the St Paul Repository website where you will also find other homilies by Fr Guy. This one you will find on the following page:
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