Sunday, 22 March 2009

Contraception :The bitter pill

Here's an excellent piece by George Sim Johnson, from InsideCatholic.
The author and his wife help prepare couples who wish to marry in the Catholic Church by explaining the teaching of the Church on human sexuality.
George Johnson mentions:

" One obvious reason [why the use of contraceptives contribute to marriage breakdown] is that it makes infidelity easier by taking babies out of the picture. It also turns premarital sex into a recreation like tennis or bungee jumping, so that many enter marriage with a consumerist attitude toward sex that is easily bored and dissatisfied.
Our culture has been able to turn sex into a casual activity because it has separated personhood from the human body.

When you take the pill or use a foam, diaphragm, condom, or whatever, you are, in effect, saying to your spouse, "In this, the most intimate act of our marriage, I am going to give myself to you, but only up to a point." Or, conversely, you are saying, "I want you in this act to make a total gift to me of yourself, except that part of you which so deeply defines you as a sexual being, your fertility."

The use of contraceptives always imposes a limit on the total self giving between spouses, which is why their use is so risky in marriage. In that uniquely intimate unity of persons, two truly become one because of their total, lifelong gift of self to each other, nothing held back.This is the true nature of the married state, to the pursuit of which, contraception has nothing to offer.

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