Saturday, 18 September 2010

Pope Benedict:: Every day we have to choose love

I haven't been able to follow as much as I would like of today's media coverage of the historic visit of Pope Benedict  to the UK- domestic responsibilities needed to take some priority. However, I did manage to catch the address given by Pope Benedict to the young people gathered outside Westminster Cathedral, this morning.
They gave the Holy Father a massive welcome, and could be heard chanting 'we love you Benedict' -  seeing their joyful delight in the presence of  the Holy Father ought to dispel any lurking doubts about the ability and desire of the young to relate to their Pope. They  love him and it was abundantly clear for all the world to see.

As ever, the Holy Father had some words of great wisdom, the full text of his Address is here, once again, thanks to the Catholic Herald,  below I offer a few short quotes:

“I ask you to look into your hearts each day to find the source of all true love. Jesus is always there, quietly waiting for us to be still with him and to hear his voice. Deep within your heart, he is calling you to spend time with him in prayer."

“It is in silence that we find God, and in silence that we discover our true self. And in discovering our true self, we discover the particular vocation which God has given us for the building up of his Church and the redemption of our world.”

“Every day we have to choose to love, and this requires help, the help that comes from Christ, from prayer and from the wisdom found in his word, and from the grace which he bestow on us in the sacraments of his Church.”

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