Saturday, 4 September 2010

Nearly half of Mass goers would attend Mass in the E.F.

 The main findings of a study  of Mass goers, commissioned by Paix Liturgique, are:

  • 32% of Britain's Catholics attend Mass at least once a month
  • 43% of those Catholics who practise regularly would attend Mass in the Extraordinary Form once a week
  • 50% of the Catholics questioned would find it normal if Mass  were celebrated in the Extraordinary Form alongside the Ordinary Form in their parishes
  • 60% of Catholics were unaware of Pope Benedict XVI's Moto Proprio Summorum Pontificum which lifted restrictions on the traditional Latin Mass in 2007
Of course, statistics should never be wholly relied upon as being absolutely accurate and true, but this study would seem to indicate that Catholics are much more open to attending Mass in the E.F.,  than  some people,  for instance, would have us believe.
I wonder if that figure of 43% could be interpreted as a 'stable group'..... ?
( Some while ago, it was said that requests for Masses in the E.F. would need to be made by a stable groups of parishioners.)  
Thanks to the Catholic Herald

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