Thursday, 16 September 2010

Alistair (we don't do God) Campbell attempts a backtrack

 Baroness Warsi, Conservative party Chairman,  has been speaking to a number of Anglican Bishops in Oxford about the importance of faith in the UK  and has said :

"If anyone suggests that this government does not understand, does not appreciate, does not defend people of faith, dare I even say, does not 'do God', then I hope my schedule this week will go some way to banishing that myth."
She told the bishops that under the Big Society idea, churches, faith groups and charities would have more power, responsibility and choice over how to get involved in local communities.

Alistair Campbell appears to be (rather sniffily) suggesting that Lady Warsi misunderstood his infamous claim:
'we don't do God'.
Alistair, the previous government's communications chief at the time he made this claim, would now like us to believe that his words were misinterpreted and that it was all the fault of the journalists at the time:

"For the umpteenth time, Baroness Warsi, ‘we don’t do God’ was not a major strategic statement, but an attempt to bring to an end an interview in which an American journalist was asking ‘one final question’ after ‘one final question’ and ‘finally, finally’ asked TB (Tony Blair) about his faith. "

Alistair continues on his blog :

"Nice to hear the Pope showing a bit of manners to the previous government just now."

I expect he's like us to think that was some kind of compliment to the Holy Father..........

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