Wednesday, 3 June 2009

What will they do?

The Government seems to be in freefall, with MP's standing down and ministers resigning here, there and everywhere. Quite a few will be out of a job in the not too distant future, so what will they do?
I have a suggestion for them:

Tony Blair's Faith Foundation is looking for new recruits at present; it would surely be pleased to receive applications from Tony's former, trusted colleagues.

The website doesn't give details of salary or expenses , but in these times of economic crisis, most people are thankful to be in work, even if that work does not command the highest salary or expenses account.

Of course, not all MP's have a faith, but that might be unlikely to stand in the way of an application . Generic descriptions of the posts offered include:

facilitating interfaith dialogue
deep understanding of world religions
attuned to the sensitivities of communicating to different faiths

All of the above could be delivered by people of any, or no faith.

But the last description could be the one that some of those about to step down from Government might find the most attractive:

committed to the cause

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