Thursday, 4 June 2009

Archbishop Nichols standing up for Catholic Education

From the Daily Telegraph

In his first public address since taking office, the Archbishop countered the criticisms of Catholic schools, arguing that faith schools benefit wider society and that religion must be freely expressed in schools.

"Schools of a religious character are upfront, overt and very reasoned about the values that shape the education," he said.

"Whereas I think often those that would claim to be neutral are covert in the values that they present to the children".

If the first priority is to protect the place of Catholic schools in our system of education, Archbishop Nichols has shown the high value he places on Catholic Education, in guarding and defending the place of Catholic schools against the continuing onslaught of atheist secularism which seems to desire their eradication. Thank you Archbishop Nichols!

The second priority might be to acknowlege that not all Catholic schools are fully up to the task; helping children learn of the Catholic Faith in its fullness, in order to support parents in their role as primary educators with a responsibility before God of transmitting the Faith, is a primary function of a Catholic school. However, very many youngsters fall away from the church when they leave school, and that ought to raise questions.

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