Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A new Blog

Phil and Dom

I have posted earlier, here , about Dom and Phil's sponsored bike ride from Medjugorje, in Bosnia/Herzegovina, to the Shrine of Our Lady, in Walsingham, England, to raise funds for the Catholic charity, Youth2000. The lads will commence the marathon journey quite soon and have started their own blog, Dom and Phil's Bike Trip which they hope to update regularly during the course of the cycle ride.
Do pop over and give them some encouragement!
And it's not too late to sponsor them with your prayers and if possible, a donation.
God bless them both.


  1. A small correction! Medjugorje is in Bosnia (or more exactly Herzegovina), not Croatia!

    otherwise, sounds like most excellent work!

  2. Thanks Dominic!
    I'll correct my post forthwith, (never was any good at Geog!).