Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The day the Clintons' stood up for Life!

The internet is a wonderful thing!
I started a search for campsites, not too far away from home and in reasonable vicinity of a Catholic Church, as we're hoping to take some of the younger family members for a weekend's camping.
I'm still not quite sure how I happened upon the website of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, but having met some of them at youth2000 retreats, over the years, it was a pleasure to view their pages.
I discovered that one of their founding members, Fr Robert Stanion, had recently died, may God rest his soul in Paradise.
At his funeral, Fr. Glenn CFR gave a eulogy from which I quote:

"While many people have multiple stories about our brother, Father Robert, I have one you may never have heard. It’s entitled “How Father Robert Made the President of the United States Stand Up For Life.”

When Cardinal O’Connor was buried out of Saint Patrick Cathedral, many dignitaries, including President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, where in attendance. Of course, they sat in the front row closest to the aisle. During the homily, the Cardinal who was preaching stated something to the effect that Cardinal O’Connor was “unabashedly pro-life.” Well, guess who couldn’t help himself and broke from the herd? For three seconds, the only sound in the cathedral was Father Robert applauding a statement that 99%of the audience was waiting to hear. Feeling a bit embarrassed for him, I joined in, then the priests behind me – in seconds the pro-life wildfire spread throughout the cathedral. Then, an auxiliary bishop broke ranks and stood up, then another, then the Cardinals together with the congregation. Almost everyone’s eyes were on the Clintons, whose bottoms were burning in the pew – then slowly, and reluctantly, they both stood up as the applause continued even louder. Yes, believe it or not, President Clinton and Hillary stood up for life – thanks to our own brother, Father Robert."

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