Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday afternoon

It was a pleasure to spent a few hours in the company of local members of the National Association of Catholic Families.We met together for lunch, prayers, and discussion of some of the common themes relating to the challenges of raising a Catholic family in a post Christian culture.

Our local representative had some information about the Frankfurt School, a Marxist movement having its origins at Frankfurt University,and aimed at demolishing, from within, the basis of civilisation of the target country.
To help bring this about, the Frankfurt School recommended :

1. The creation of racism offences.
2. Continual change to create confusion
3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
4. The undermining of schools and teachers' authority
5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
6. The promotion of excessive drinking
7. Emptying of churches
8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family.

Any of the above sound familiar to anyone?

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