Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My husband:my bishop!

I have just read 'Leaders after the Heart of Christ' ( still catching up ),on Fr. Aladics blog, which was pointed out to me by my husband!
I hadn't known that St. Augustine of Hippo had once addressed the fathers of families in his congregation as 'my fellow bishops'
As Fr. Aladics says:
'St Augustine was comparing the spiritual and pastoral leadership of a father to that of his own as a Catholic Bishop'.

And further:

'Like a bishop a married man is called to bring about the unity and the mission of his family - a living experience of Christ and the Church. What a great calling, what a wonderful thing it is to enable fathers to appreciate their mission, what a great thing for a married man to strive to fulfill, what a great and essential part of the New Evangelisation. We need Catholic fathers in this age. This is something which the world doesn't tell men, but it is certainly something which is worth pointing out - and how marvellously St Augustine pointed it out all those years ago in Hippo.'

It's good to be reminded of the truth, that married fatherhood is integrally important to Christian family life; fathers who, like bishops,sacrifice for, and take care of their flock spiritually, physically, pastorally.

Nearly twenty three years ago, God gave to me the most wonderful spouse, a husband who always understood the meaning and necessity of sacrifice,loving and giving selflessly his all, for his family.
I am both proud and humbled to be his wife.

This year, my husband's birthday falls on Ash Wednesday,so we'll be celebrating it today- I'm off now to make some preparations...

He hasn't ever asked me to address him as 'my lord'' but for his birthday, I just might!

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