Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Department for Education is back!

"Michael Gove has started as Education Secretary by ditching Labour's rebranding of his department.
The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) will be known once again as the Department for Education.
The DCSF's rainbow logo has also disappeared from the department's website and Westminster headquarters.

The new Education Secretary Michael Gove has told his staff in an internal e-mail he wants to "refocus" the department "on its core purpose of supporting teaching and learning".
Mr Gove has also signalled his plan to free up controls on schools within the next few months has not been watered down by the coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats.

In an e-mail to civil servants he said: "In the weeks ahead, I want us to offer all schools the chance to enjoy academy-style freedoms so that heads and teachers across the country can be liberated. This will be the focus of the legislation we hope to bring forward later this month."
The 2007 rebranding exercise is thought to have cost several thousand pounds.
There has been speculation about other government departments being rebranded and reorganised by the new coalition government."
 Source: BBC

Hopefully, a return to the earlier name of this department also signals  a change of philosophy and direction;  the Ed Balls rebranding in 2007:   'Dept. for Children Schools and Families'  was a sign of his desire for the state to have greater influence in the raising and formation of children, and  it became the government department whose policies were designed to achieve this.

Time will tell...  can  we be hopeful that Mr Gove at the very least, will not antagonise parents, in the way his predecessor did by trying to impose  sex education ideology on children as young as five, against the will of their parents? Or require schools to provide contraception and abortion referrals, without parental knowlege?


  1. See link below. You may be interested in what Archbishop Nichols said about Gregory Pope (of the CES...shudder) last night at the Oratory evening for young Catholic adults. We need to watch the CES and their sycophantic cosying-up to politicians and the Catholic hierarchy regardless of the outcome for Catholic education, I wish that I didn't have to write about being cautious of a Catholic education group, but by their deeds we know them.

  2. I am pleasantly surprised by this move. Looks like Michael Gove is going to try and do the right thing.
    Apparently an email has gone out stopping all spending from quangos and the like until priorities have been set.
    They are squealing about it over at the Children and Young People online mag.
    I hope this means the end of BECTA and the like.

  3. Gove should read more Jonathan Swift...