Thursday, 13 May 2010

Back in the day...

While I was browsing through my late mother's 1948 Roman missal, a number of prayer cards, memorial cards and small newspaper cuttings slipped out from between the tissue thin leaves.
Among them was a small cutting from what I think must have been a Catholic publication, and though there is not a date on it, I estimate it to  be pre 1950.It gives a set of 'Ten Commandments' suggested by a Fr. John O'Brien, then a lecturer at Notre Dame University, Indiana. 

  For Happy Marriages
  Ten Commandments

"Thou shalt make thy promise of mutual love and loyalty a vow to God, binding until death.
Thou shalt abstain from the angry word which wounds more deeply than the sword.
Thou shalt respect the personality of thy mate and not seek to dominate or tyrannise.
Thou shalt allow no in-law to interfere with the running of thy home.
Thou shalt abstain fron drink where alcohol is a danger to either party.
Thou shalt make a family budget and observe it.
Thou shalt eschew pettiness, nagging, selfishness, jealousy and false pride.
Thou shalt grow in consideration and love each day and share thy interests and pleasures to a maximum.
Thou shalt love thy children as God's supreme gift and rear them to be good citizens with a sense of honour, tolerance and fair play.
Thou shalt kneel together in prayer each night, knowing that the family that prays toghether, stays together."

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