Friday, 20 November 2009

Trying not to get fixated...

The Catholic Herald reports that Bishop Kieran Conry, in a pastoral letter read out to churches in his diocese, has said:

“It is all too easy to get caught up and even fixated with single issues, whether this is in religion or politics. So many people tend to focus on liturgy – even the language of the Mass – as if this somehow expresses the core of our beliefs.

“Others campaign on the moral issues of the day. Someone said recently that a person’s attitude to Humanae Vitae was a ‘litmus test’ of being a Catholic, whereas many might not know what Humanae Vitae is.

“These are all undoubtedly important issues, but they will never get anywhere near expressing our faith in its entirety, and we can ask if some of these questions are actually fundamental to faith at all.”

The full text of Bishop Conry's letter is here

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