Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New job: only Guardian readers need apply?

The Bishops Conference is advertising, in the Guardian newspaper,  the  post of 'Development Manager' in marketing, PR and fundraising.
Fr. Ray Blake at Saint Mary Magdalen has an interesting post about this in  which he raises a couple of  questions:

"what type of person does whoever placed this advert in the Guardian hope to attract?"

"are habitual Guardian readers likely to be ardent supports of mainstream Catholicism? "

Fr. Ray has not been able to find this post advertised in other newspapers, and neither have I.
If the Bishops Conference has only advertised the post in the Guardian, and not in other publications which would reflect a broader political spectrum,  does that rather invite the question ,that the Bishops Conference would only be willing to employ someone, for this post, of a particular political persuasion?


  1. Gruesome! Mind you I've applied! Joke!

  2. Frankly, if someone reads the Guardian that should automatically disqualify them.
    I used to hate seeing "professionals" back in my nursing days walking around with "The Sun" and I think the Guardian gives the same impression.

  3. I wonder why they didn't advertise the post in The Sun?

    Naively yours ...