Monday, 6 July 2009

Try the"Time for some New Hymns" Challenge!

The Mulier Fortis has had us all in stitches with her 'Time for some "New" Hymns' post!
She begins with:

Chris plays the organ at the 9am Mass. He apparently asked, "Shall I play Colours of Day during Communion?" I'm pretty sure he was joking. "Yes," came the reply, "do that... and I'll send the boys round to break both your legs, and you can follow on with I watch the sunrise (through my hospital window)."

Mulier is inviting (creative) comments, my late offering (if I remember correctly) was:

'If you kum by yah one more time, I won't lay my hands gently upon you, and there'll be no more walk, walk, walking in the light for a while!'

Here is the link to Mulier Fortis.


  1. Thanks for the link, Kate... and your excellent contribution!

  2. You're very welcome Mac McLernon, and thanks for providing such entertainment!