Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It costed .. how much??

I took our youngest daughter to hospital this morning, for a routine check up with the paediatrician.
Childrens' Outpatients is a floor up, and so we took the lift. I always seem to get the lift that is going down, before it goes up and we could not avoid hearing some conversation between some staff.
The gist of it was that a new desk had been purchased for hospital use- at a cost of £20. 000. One said that the cost explained why they couldn't have a pay rise; another said that they could have had another nurse for that money. All seemed mystified that a desk could cost so much.
Over the years, I have been on the parent side of many hospital desks and they have all looked like the kind of furniture that you could once buy from MFI, if perhaps a little more robust.
So what sort of desk costs £20.000? A rare antique perhaps? In 22 years, I've never seen a rare antique desk in a hospital.
Maybe the Daily Telegraph should turn the spotlight on NHS spending............

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