Friday, 22 May 2009

Where I'm headed for, tomorrow

I'm off to visit my brother, his wife and family tomorrow; as they live in Castelgandolfo which is not far outside of Rome, it will involve an overnight stay in London followed by a very early flight from Stansted to Ciampino.
Though I am looking forward very much to seeing them again, the anticipation is mixed with some apprehension as my sister-in-law is very unwell: the cancer for which she was treated five years ago, has returned, this time to her liver. The chemotherapy she has received doesn't seem to have had much impact on reducing her tumours, though thank God they have not grown either.

I know very little about Castelgandolfo, beyond that it is the summer residence of the Holy Father (and the place where my brother and his family live), so the trip will be very interesting for me, and I hope to find out more.
Time permitting, I hope to visit Rome itself, but I might have to rely on my brother to act as a guide!
If airport security permits, I will bring a camera and try to remember to use it.

So, after today, it will be a little quiet on my blog, but I hope to resume, when I get back on Wednesday.
In the meantime, any prayers for my sister-in-law would be most welcome.

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