Friday, 8 May 2009

Dom and Phil's Bike Trip: 1500 miles for Youth 2000

Dom and Phil, are doing a sponsored Bike ride from Medjugorje to Walsingham (Our Lady's Shrine) during July/August. They are hoping to raise as much as possible for Youth 2000, the lay Catholic evangelisation initiative which aims to provide a gateway into the heart of the Church for young people who no longer practise their faith.
See my earlier post here about Youth 2000 retreats.

The lads are self funding the journey, so that all sponsor money raised will go directly to Youth 2000. The evangelisation of our young people is a very worthy cause, and the lads would very much appreciate your support.
Please say a prayer for them, and consider making a donation. Their web page linked above, has a donation button so that should make it easy!

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