Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Westminster: habemus Archiepiscopum!

Bishop Luigi Speranza, of the lesser known southern Italian diocese, da Nessuna parte in Sicilia, has been named as the next Archbishop of Westminster, following the imminent retirement of Cardinal Cormac Murphy O' Connor.
Bearing a striking resemblance to Bishop Arthur Roche of the Diocese of Leeds, Bishop Speranza, 59, is said to be both humbled and delighted to step up to Westminster, and hopes for an early meeting with his English and Welsh brother Bishops.
Speaking of his new mission, Bishop Speranza said:
"Avro il Vescorodella Converenza di Inghilterra e Galles alimentari tradizionali spaghetti dalla mia parte, in dodici mese."

Responses to today's announcement have included this (from a Bishop who did not want to be named):

" I welcome this announcement on behalf of all in my diocese, and look forward meeting Bishop Speranza and to sampling the new Traditional Spaghetti in due course. Any decisions regarding Traditional Spaghetti will need to be ratified by the Bishops' Conference, and agreed by the National Committee for Liturgical Nutrition.
Then, the process would involve some input from the steering group of the National Committee for Nutritional Inclusion, as it's always important with new initiatives, to get everyone on board and make them feel welcome.I think Bishop Speranza's timescale may prove rather ambitious, but he can rely on us to give the new Traditional Spaghetti our fullest consideration."

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