Monday, 20 December 2010

Ordinations, lots of snow...and prayer request

Phil did get home on Saturday, eventually, and the last mile and a half was on foot. My husband walked down to the train station to meet him, bringing wellingtons and an extra layer or two of clothing against the freezing cold.

They made their way home by the light of the moon and a couple of torches, over snow crusted roads which even the most robust of four wheel drives have hardly attempted.

Earlier, on Saturday, Phil sang in the seminary schola, led by Fr Stephen Dingley, at the ordinations of four seminarians   to the Diaconate by Bishop Kieran Conry. Sadly, Bishop Hollis, who had been expected to ordain the candidates, was taken ill.

Mulier Fortis has some lovely photos of the great day at Wonersh.

Please remember Bishop Hollis in your prayers.


  1. What a small world! The schola sang beautifully, BTW ! But then you probably already knew that!

  2. Small indeed!
    Your photos gave a welcome glimpse of the great day, and brought back warm memories of my brother's ordination to the Diaconate, in Spain, twenty years ago!