Monday, 13 December 2010

Anglican Nuns to join the Ordinariate

 Three nuns of the Anglican  Society of St. Margaret in Walsingham, have left their community for a period of discernment with a view to joining the Ordinariate, which was announced by the Holy Father last year, and is about to be established.

"Statement from three sisters of the Society of St Margaret, Walsingham, regarding the Ordinariate:
“On 2nd December 2010, Sr. Wendy Renate, Sr. Jane Louise and Sr. Carolyne Joseph left the Priory of Our Lady in Walsingham for a period of discernment with the intention of joining the Ordinariate when established. We ask prayers for ourselves and for the Sisters remaining at the Priory of Our Lady."

According to the website of The Society of St. Margaret, Walsingham,  one of the nuns, Sr. Carolyn Joseph,  was elected as Mother last year.

Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for them.

Thanks to  Damian Thompson and the Ordinariate Portal

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  1. We add our prayers to those who are closest to the breathtaking events sweeping across Great Britain in this momentous movement of the Holy Spirit. Even here in the United States many Catholics await the next great sign of heaven's touch on your land of saints and martyrs. Sr. Carolyne Joseph, Sr. Wendy Renate, and Sr. Jane Louise, THANKS for your witness of courage and truth-in-love! -MFL,sfo